There are many available options for your health care needs, and knowing where to go is important when you are presented with a choice. Factors like severity and immediacy of the health issue are considerations as you seek medical attention. Use this guide to help direct you to the appropriate option for your health care needs.

Primary Care

Primary Care: If you seek medical care that is not an emergency, it is best to schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor as they know your health history.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care: If your primary care doctor is unavailable and you are experiencing a non-life threatening illness, urgent care is an option for health problems that cannot wait.

Virtual Visit

Virtual Visit: If you are experiencing a common health issue, a virtual visit using your smart- phone or computer is a convenient option to get in contact with a doctor.

Emergency Room

Hospital/Emergency Room: If your health or life are at risk, call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room to receive immediate care.

Use this guide to best determine where to go for medical care.

ConditionsPrimary CareVirtual VisitUrgent CareHospital / Emergency Room
Routine health examX
Sports, school and employment physicalsX
Mild asthmaXXX
Minor headachesXXX
Sprains, strainsXXX
Nausea, vomiting, diarrheaXXX
Bumps, cuts, scrapesXXX
Burning with urinationXXX
Cough, sore throatXXX
Ear and sinus painXXX
Eye swelling, irritation, redness or painXXX
Minor allergic reactionsXXX
Minor fevers, coldsXXX
Rashes, minor burnsXXX
Back painXX
Animal bitesX
Minor fracturesX
Cut or wound that won’t stop bleedingX
Any life-threatening or disabling condition including difficulty breathingX
Sudden or unexplained loss of consciousnessX
Chest pain, numbness in the face, arm or leg, or difficulty speakingX
Severe shortness of breathX
High fever with stiff neck, mental confusion or difficulty breathingX
Coughing up or vomiting bloodX
Major injuriesX
Possible broken bonesX
Severe broken bonesX
Sever abdominal painX
Severe burnsX
Severe headacheX
Blurred visionX